Susan K. Breen

Susan K. Breen

For more than 20 years, I represented clients as a litigation attorney in hundreds of cases involving disputes over money, property, and principles. Often these disputes were between parties who actually benefitted in many ways from their relationships, but had hit a roadblock over issues that threatened not only to cost them a great deal financially, but also risked loss of their valued personal or business relationships. During my legal career, I discovered that in many situations, my clients’ interests could be better served through early mediation of their disputes, before an exorbitant amount of time and money were invested in a legal battle.

The assistance of a mediator as neutral third party facilitates open communication between adversarial parties. In addition, the confidential mediation arena provides a safe haven for airing of differences and a productive environment for crafting a mutually beneficial resolution of many disputes. In some instances, the relationship between the adversarial parties is ultimately strengthened by the opportunity mediation provides for them to be heard and understood by each other in a way not previously experienced.

If you are stressed and distressed by a conflict in your business or personal life, I urge you to seriously consider mediation as a method for resolving your dispute. Whether you are already involved in legal action or contemplating becoming so, mediation can help clarify issues and enable productive communications, often resulting in an expeditious and creative resolution of any conflict.

My deep-rooted conviction that mediation empowers the parties in a dispute to fashion their own best solutions compelled me to rethink my profession as a legal advocate. I believe there is more value in helping people bring peace and peace of mind back into their lives, rather than perpetuating their misery in litigation. I would be privileged to assist you in building a bridge that circumvents whatever obstacles are preventing resolution of your dispute. Please contact me by telephone, email, facsimile or mail and I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of receipt.

Primary Areas of Expertise


Contract disputes

Loan agreement and finance lease disputes

Disputes with clients, customers, creditors or vendors

Fraud and misrepresentation.

Lien priority disputes

Disputes between owners, officers, or partners

Liquidation and dissolution issues

Attorney’s fee disputes

Real Estate

Landlord-tenant disputes

Lease interpretation and performance

Lien priority disputes



Claim disputes

Lien priority disputes

Fraudulent transfers

Relief from Stay

Mediation Training

Center for Conflict Resolution, 40-hour mediation skills training – Financial Mediation & Debt Settlement – Commercial Mediation – Ten Mistakes Even Good Mediators Make – Special Tips for Representing Parties in Mediation – Lessons from the Mediation Front

Career History

Partner, Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP (1998-2012) Associate, Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP (1991-1998)

Legal Experience

Case assessment and litigation – Law and motion – Discovery – Settlement consulting, analysis, and strategy – Arbitration preparation through decision – Mediation preparation through completion – Trial preparation through verdict – Appeal preparation through decision

$295 per hour / $2,000 per day. Advance deposit required.

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